Well engineered, built to last portable sawmills starting at £2,490.00

Woodland Mills offers a full range of well constructed, easy to use portable sawmills and sawmill trailers to meet your milling needs. Whether you are a hobby woodworker, have some big projects on the horizon or want to earn some extra money, we have the right sawmill for you. Our team of North American engineers have designed each sawmill to be the highest quality, best valued in it's class industry wide, offering the same precision cutting abilities as much more expensive mills. With the most customer sawmill reviews of any other company, find out why so many people have selected a Woodland Mills sawmill to help them tackle their projects and bring their visions to life!

HM122 Portable Sawmill
£2,490.00 - £2,590.00

HM126 Portable Sawmill
£2,990.00 - £3,100.00

HM126 Woodlander
£4,480.00 - £5,330.00

HM130MAX Woodlander
£5,580.00 - £6,380.00

HM122 Bushlander™
£3,380.00 - £4,110.00